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Pizzeria Vaatikia Café” had been designed and developed by frequently visitors, travelers and students from Europe and America in 1992. They had been fed up with a lot of spicy and greasy food and become homesick for their own food. During the splendid sunrise at the holy river Ganga, we had discussed about it & for its solution with morning tea.After a yearlong friendly discussion we had agreed to experiment, and then we made a authentic Italian style wood fired oven (which is rarely available

In our opinion about the food:-

आयु: सत्व बलारोग्य सुखप्रीति विवर्धना: !

रस्या स्निग्धा: स्थिरा हृद्या आहारा: सात्विकप्रिया: !!

Food which promote longevity, intelligence vigour, health, happiness & liked by men of satvika nature.

(Ch.17, Shloka 8 Bhagvatgita)
Eat healthy, eat less, live long.

Since its establishment as the “First authentic Italian pizzeria” of India, till date “this travellers hotspot” on the banks of Ganga river in the world’s oldest and holiest city Varanasi, Pizzeria Vaatika Café is serving sensational Italian cuisine to guests from across the globe.

In witness of Ganga & in a fine epicurean galaxy, our pizzeria is a star in its own right, delivering fresh, authentic hand rolled & wood fire oven baked pizzas. Our pizzas, pasta and apple pie are all-season hits, made entirely in house with fresh ingredients.

Located at Assi Ghat, overlooking the site of the evening Ganga Aarti, Pizzeria Vaatika Cafe boasts a beautiful and soothing sight of the holy river, away from rest of the much chaotic city. The cafe has been constantly making headlines in the newspapers since its inception. Rightly so too – Pizzeria Vaatika Cafe offers you the perfect ambience in amalgamation with finger-licking good cuisine!


Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our modern fusion cuisine
With our extremely friendly and courteous staff. it is the perfact place to sit, relax and satisfy your senses – especially your tastebuds! Besides our specialty – Italian – we also serve Chinese and recently introduced Indian cuisine along with a great blend of drinks and desserts in order to meet the wide-range demands of all our guests.

  • Italy in benaras
    wood fried pizza, succulent red tomato brushettas and apple pie to die for... the staff has a stiff upper lip BUT once you taste their food, you know why. I got my coffee fix here.. fab cappucino
  • Close to the best pizza ever!!
    We ate here twice while staying in Varanasi. The pizza was absolutely delicious, as was the mint nana & ginger punch!! Staff lovely & excellent value.
    Ali Gay
    Ali Gay
  • "An unexpected treat; some of the best pizza and pie we've ever tasted"
    Kieran Way
    Kieran Way
  • Excellent pizza
    The place is located at assi Ghat and serves wood fire pizza which is highly recommended Apple pie with ice cream adds to the flavour Must visit place
  • "Holy Coy on the Ganges Inspires Awe. Reflection"
    click here to read the full article
    Wall Street Journal, 1994


B-1/178 Panch Mandir, Assi ghat, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005, India

(+91) 945 139 7331
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